Our Projects

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Medical Care

In the UK we are very fortunate to have access to the NHS healthcare system. Sadly, those living in poverty or on minimum wages in under-developed countries are unable to afford some of the most basic and important medication for ailments such as blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol etc.

Food Packs

Many families living in poverty are unable to afford life’s necessities, it will often be the case that families are unable to purchase basic food supplies. The lack of nutritious foods results in health problems – anaemia, low immune system etc. Our aim is to provide as many nourishing food packs to those in need.
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Hygiene and Sanitary

Access to hygiene and sanitary products are a basic human right and should be readily available to all. We are going to be working in countries where females are unable to access sanitary products due to poverty. We will provide biodegradable and/or re-usable sanitary products.

Congenital Heart Disease Awareness

CHD awareness forms the heart of our charity, it is a very important cause that is very close to our hearts. 12 babies a day in the UK are diagnosed with a CHD (that’s approximately 4380 babies a year). Twice as many infants die from a CHD than all childhood cancers combined. 7th-14th February is CHD Awareness week; we hope to work with schools and other institutes to raise awareness of CHDs and the impact they have on Heart Warriors and their parents. Any funds that we raise during this period will go towards the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Cardiac Unit or other important areas (ie: research etc) related to Congenital Heart Disease.
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Tools for Schools

Education is the driving force of any society. It can be argued that in order to empower oneself one must have had some form of successful schooling. Essential educational tools that we take for granted (ie: pencils, pens, notebooks, reading books and calculators etc) are unaffordable to many. We hope we are able to supply the essential tools children need to have a stress free and promising education.